Jeep Safari Tours

INR 999 / Per person

Jaisalmer Jeep Safari, the most exciting activity after camel safari. Guests enjoy a jeep ride for 45-60 mins at the sand dunes of Sam.

We offer a few Jaisalmer Jeep Safari tours & you can choose the one which is perfect for you.

Our Jaisalmer Jeep Safari tours:

  1. 45-60 minute Jeep Safari
  2. Jeep Safari with dance & dinner
  3. Jeep Safari with camp stay

In all these 3 tours, a jeep safari is common, and in tour 2 & 3 we have added extra activities & facilities like:

  • Private taxi transfer
  • Dinner dance program at camp
  • Overnight camp stay.

Facilities provided:

  1. Only Safari Package: Book only camel ride to see sunset Point at Sam dunes.
  2. Safari + Camp Package: You may also book our Desert safari with a camp stay.
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